Central PTO Board

Minutes of Meeting

March 21, 2014 9:00 am


Location:                 Skokie School, Winnetka, IL

Members Present:        Nancy Fehrenbach (Chairperson), Melinda Baldwin (Vice Chair-Communications/Technology), Lisa Lux (Treasurer), Heather Bartell (Secretary), Anissa Forman (Co-President Skokie Washburne PTO), Jennifer Pehlke (Co-President Skokie Washburne PTO), Barb Brown (President Crow Island PTO), Karen York (President Greely PTO), Heather Pigott (President Hubbard Woods PTO), Thomas Hagerman (Superintendent Winnetka Public Schools)

Members Absent:        Cathy Rosen, Kendra Wallace


I.     President Report- Welcome

There were several guest speakers for the March meeting.  Susan Felito joined the meeting as Past PTO President to present the 2014/15 slate.  Lynn Wellehan (Crow Island) and Lauren Morales (Hubbard Woods) joined the meeting  to discuss the roll out of Directory Spot.

II.     Secretary Report- Minutes were approved.

III.    2014/15 Central PTO Slate

Nancy began the discussion of next year’s proposed slate for Central PTO.  She explained that a nominating committee had been formed and consisted of the following people: Jennifer Phelke, Barb Brown, Anissa Forman, Lily Roesch, and Susan Felito.  

Susan Felito, Past PTO President, presented the proposed slate for 2014/2015, as follows:

Chair : Cynthia Cata  (Crow Island)

VP Communications : Casey Russell (Crow Island)

Treasurer : Karen Hawkins (Crow Island)

Secretary : Janet Beatty (Crow Island)

There was significant discussion regarding the slate and the process in which it was chosen.  The main concern among the Board and the nominating committee was that all members of the proposed slate are from the Crow Island community.  Susan Felitto shared that two women from Hubbard Woods and Greeley were recruited but did not accept the positions.   Susan reiterated that each school in the district has a voice on Central PTO via their PTO Chair.  All women on the proposed slate have had previous experience as they all served on the Crow Island PTO and are known to be valuable contributors to their PTOs and schools.

IV.      Mobile Directories

Lynn Wellehan and Lauren Morales represent Crow Island and Hubbard Woods as Directory chairs on their respective PTOs. Both Crow Island and Hubbard Woods have rolled out Directory Spot to their school communities.  Directory Spot is being offered free of charge for the first portion of 2014.   At the start of the 2014/15 school year, parents will have the option to purchase hard copies and/or an APP from Directory Spot.  

There was significant discussion as to the cost of paper copies and the app, which will range from $6-$25 depending upon the school and the option the parents are choosing.   Skokie/Washburne and Greely do not currently have DirectorySpot Reps working on this project.  Lynn and Lauren have offered to help the schools once Chair reps have been identified.  

In future years, the intent is to use the INFOSNAP information to determine the exact information parents want included in the directory.  This has been done manually this year and will continue to be input manually until 2015/16 INFOSNAP has been set up.  

V.      Treasurer’s Report- Lisa Lux

Lisa is finalizing the budget for 2013/2014 Central PTO and will present it at April meeting.  There will be a discussion of any excess funds from this year’s Central PTO and how they are to be dispersed.  The budget will be voted on at the April meeting.

VI.      VP Communications Report- Melinda Baldwin

Melinda is in the process of updating the Central PTO website.  It will be completed by the end of the Spring.  

VII.    Superintendent’s Report- Dr. Thomas Hagerman

Dr. Hagerman shared additional information about his recent resignation as Superintendent of Winnetka Public Schools as well as many administrative changes in the district.  Dr. Hagerman has accepted the position as a Principal in Scarsdale, New York, a K-12 district.  He will work with the current and incoming administration for a smooth transition through July 1, 2014.  Trisha Kocanda, current  Assistant Superintendent, has been named Superintendent though unanimous recommendation from the School Board.  The District is seeking a new Head of Human Resources.  Mark Ditthardt will be leaving his position as Director of Pupil Services.  April Jordan has given her resignation as Principal of Skokie School.  Current Assistant Principal, Tess Kelly will be the Interim Principal of Skokie School.  

Contract negotiations between the Board and the Teachers Union are on track.  Dr Hagerman provided a short update on the Illinois State Pension changes and how those affect contract negotiations.

VIII. Crow Island Report- Barb Brown

CI PTO had a very successful Parent Party with record turnout at the Winnetka Community House in February.  Proceeds from the party will be used to buy books for individual classroom libraries in an initiative to provide the various genres of reading recommended by the Common Core Standards.  The Crow Island Family Lounge furniture will be re-upholstered and should be finished for the start of the new school year.  The slate for the Crow Island PTO has been approved for 2014/15.  Planning continues for the 75 year Anniversary of Crow Island in September 2015.

IX.   Hubbard Woods- Heather Pigott

Hubbard Woods just finished its Teacher Appreciation Week with great success.   There was discussion about the good timing of the HW Teachers Appreciation Week as it comes just before a much needed Spring Break for the teachers and students.  The Communications Chair responsibilities for HW PTO have been redefined to meet changing technology and district guidelines.  The PTO is actively meeting with teachers and requesting additional wish list items from all of its teachers in an effort to enrich the school environment and individual classrooms needs.

IX.  Greely Report- Karen York

Dream Green is on track.

X.   Skokie-Washburne Report- Anissa Forman and Jennifer Pehlke

Teacher Appreciation Week is set for May.   Principal Kelly is attending PTO meetings and very interested to be involved with the SW PTO.  

XI.   FAN Report

Nancy Fehrenbach shared an overview of the upcoming FAN events as Cathy Rosen was unable to attend the meeting.  Detailed information regarding events and times can be found on the FAN website.

XII.  Other Central PTO Business

Next Meeting: Friday, April 11 at 9:00 am at Skokie School

Meeting concluded at 10:25 am

Minutes submitted by: Heather Bartell, Secretary