Central PTO Board

Minutes of Meeting

January 10, 2014, 9:00 am


Location:                 Skokie School, Winnetka, IL

Members Present:        Nancy Fehrenbach (Chairperson), Melinda Baldwin (Vice Chair-Communications/Technology), Heather Bartell (Secretary), Anissa Forman (Co-President Skokie Washburne PTO), Jennifer Pehlke (Co-President Skokie Washburne PTO), Barb Brown (President Crow Island PTO), Karen York (President Greely PTO), Heather Pigott (President Hubbard Woods PTO), Thomas Hagerman (Superintendent Winnetka Public Schools), Liz Kunkle (guest)


  1. President Report- Welcome
  2. Secretary Report- Minutes were approved.
  3. VP Communications Report- No update

IV.      Superintendent’s Report- Dr. Thomas Hagerman

Dr Hagerman updated PTO on the School Board Allergy Management Program.  There are no changes to individual children’s allergy plans.  The District has set guidelines for all 5 schools for school lunches, birthday celebrations and classroom/school wide celebrations.  This includes guidelines for minimally nutritious snacks provided by the school/individual and those brought in by the parents.  There was a lengthy discussion as to the procedures in place and importance of food labels.

The group had an in depth discussion about food service provided at Washburne school and options that may be available for next year.   The core of the discussion began with the lack of healthy options available to the students.  If there is interest, a task force may be formed to study the current options available and those from other outside vendors.

Dr Hagerman provided Board highlights.  Staffing changes are occurring at Washburne due to a decrease in the number of students projected for next year which will result in one less team for next year’s seventh grade class.  There are ongoing discussions regarding grade school level specialists at different schools, as there is a significant difference in student population among the various grade schools. Dream Green will present next month at the Board meeting.   The District is working with the Village on a plan for permeable/non permeable surfaces as it pertains to the new Storm Water Bill.

V.  Green Team- Liz Kunkle, guest speaker

Liz Kunkle, a very active volunteer at both Hubbard Woods and Skokie School, provided us with an oversight of a program called Green Team.  Liz has been working for several years at Hubbard Woods to establish good environmental practices at Hubbard Woods.  Liz has been very successful at setting up an efficient recycling/ no waste lunch program at HW and is working with the other schools to set up a similar program.  Other programs include party packs, 3-bin landfill/recycling/compost bins, and energy efficient lightbulbs.  A portion of these programs are funded by a grant from SWANK and as well a budget from HW PTO.  The group was very excited and motivated by Liz’s efforts to “soften our footprint” in our community and bring these same practices to their schools.

VI. Crow Island Report- Barb Brown

Crow Island will be testing out a new online directory program from Directory Spot and will update the Board in coming months to discuss if it makes sense to roll it out to all schools.  CI PTO will be doing several upkeep projects which include: reupholstering the family room furniture, providing new furniture for the 4th grade wing, and providing party packs for interested teachers.  CI will host its Parent Party in late February.  Funds raised will be used to invest in additional books for the classrooms to assist in the District’s initiative to increase non-fiction reading in the curriculum.  

VII.  Greely Report- Karen York

Greeley will present Dream Green at next month’s School Board meeting.

VIII.   Hubbard Woods- Heather Pigott

Hubbard Woods will host its Annual Faculty Party.  The new lunch vendor will begin March 3.  PTO is reviewing their current school supplies vendor.

IX.   Skokie-Washburne Report- Anissa Forman and Jennifer Pehlke

There was a discussion regarding the costs and teacher recommendations for Skokie/Washburne school supplies.  Last year SW PTO did not provide the school supplies pre order option.  This is currently under review.   Skokie/Washburne is looking at redesigning it website with more information to come.  

Meeting concluded at 10:52am

Minutes submitted by: Heather Bartell, Secretary